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Winter is here

(Meta grump, reload blew away all I'd typed- I really need to learn more about how to use this system)

Winter is here- it's actually below 60 degrees F and raining. I took the opportunity to dress warmly and stay in yesterday. It helps that I have a new computer to play with, and Battlestar Galactica DVD's to watch.

I've also got some Christmas lights up and I plugged them in. It's not much, but they're pretty and I like to see them. I've decided I'm going to enjoy these holidays. It helps there's lots of good music about.

Thanks to LH and LH (two different people), I've seen some good performances already, and am going to see Richard Thompson this evening down the Peninsula, thanks to DW and AB. It'll be a long trek down and back by BART and CalTrain, though.

I'm going to see "Cabaret" on Friday with a friend, "A New Music Seance" on Saturday, a "Peace Through Song" performance on Sunday afternoon, and unless I change the tickets, "Brundigar" and "Comedy on the Bridge" at Berkeley Rep on that evening.

The cats are being bored with being inside, so I have to go amuse them.

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