Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Canadian Regrets

I've spent the day cleaning house, and it's now sorta presentable.   At least I don't want to hide my eyes when I come in.

I'm having Canadian regrets- 
I'll miss the Farthing Party, since I'll be traveling in Japan with A&D (an opportunity not to be missed, but...).

And Vinyl Cafe had a show focused on the Canadian north, Yellow Knife and on up to Inuvik and beyond.  I had a road trip planned for that area, a dozen years ago, and canceled it.  I have trouble justifying the gas for a road trip these days, and want to stay at home for a while, but that's a trip that's left a hole because it didn't happen.  Maybe on a motorcycle now-  I keep looking at F650's.  I want to swim in the Beaufort Sea.

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