Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Here, in Yokosuka

A, D, and I arrived last night here in Yokosuka, a place not mentioned in any of the guidebooks we've seen, about 25 km south of Yokohama.
I want to see the battleship MIKASA memorial ship, to go together with my visits to AURORA and OLYMPIA, other museum/ memorial ships from the era, and A&D have a visit to a temple planned.  We`ll proceed to Yokohama separately, and rendezvous at the convention.

Another tourist site here is Verny's steam hammer.  It's also a US Navy base, and I suspect that's why it's not mentioned.

This hotel is nicely set up, but when I asked about the advertised WiFi, I was instead handed a bag containing a cable modem, its power supply, and the two cables necessary to connect it to the television cable system and my compuyter.  It was only a matter of moments to plug it all together, and it worked as expected, but the directions are all in  Japanese. 

My domestic-only mobile number is 090-6043-8271.

PS I realized that this computer is running on GMT, so the time and dates of my posts will show that time and date.

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