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K3 and bike

Two new toys at once is a bit much, although one is fair weather and the other is for foul-

 I did the assembly of the basic K3 and have an error on calibration, so a real message goes off to Elecraft.  I've been nitpicking the assembly manual/process, since I seem to have received the 2nd rig to go to a non-beta tester by serial number (22) and apparently the first one to actually have it in hand.

But the weather is good, so I want to get outside and ride the motorcycle, so I'm heading up to Penngrove today to scout out some antenna work.

The K3 is the newest radio from Elecraft, a local radio equipment manufacturer that's grown as I've watched.  It's probably going to change the this little area of the world drastically.  I saw it in May at its introduction, and ordered one less then an hour later, after reading the data sheet.

Time to go get coffee.
Tags: f650, k3, motorcycle

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