Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

a found Christmas tree

I did hang the multicolored net of lights in the front window, and was pleased.
On my way out to the theatre last night,(The Shaker Chair at the Ashby Theatre, didn't work for me), I saw that there was a tree, on a stand, in a bag, on the sidewalk on the edge of my driveway.  It was still there this evening, and I checked with one set of the tenants over there, who knew nothing.
So, I took it and set it up on the porch, with more of the minilights.  It looks very nice, for 10 minutes work.  If I see any of the other tenants, I'll ask them.  But for now, the house looks even more festive.

I took a short motorcycle ride today, single lane paved, and very nice on a sunny if a bit cool day.

I've also arranged to have the rest of the basement dug out, so I'll double that space.  I may just put down a plastic lumber floor, or may have it concreted.   And I've arranged to have a concrete base for a secondary antenna tower at the end of the yard.  It'll hold up the wire antenna nicely out of the way of the satellite array, and hold a vertical HF antenna.  It'll be a crank-up tubular, I'll paint it a non-obtrusive color, and it'll actually crank up through a hole trimmed in the tree branches, so will not be obvious.

I'm also working on a grey water collection system, since I think we'll be short of water this summer.  It also collects rain water, so I have 300 gallons of rainwater in storage now.

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