Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Had dimsum for Christmas breakfast, in Millbrae, diagonally across from the BART/CalTrain/bus station, which was very good.  Came home, listened to some BBC7 and then slept for most of the day.  Did a bit of housecleaning, and minor work on a  radio project, and back to sleep.  Listened to Nine Lessons and Carols, and a good Messiah.

I'd spent most of the two previous days preparing for the basement dig and tower base assembly, as well as some tree work, so a day off was good.

Today, the basement dig is going well.  Lots of dirt and ash moved, and then I went in and figured out some details to pass on tomorrow.
And I found a California license plate, dated '21. It's in bashed up shape, but not too bad for 86 years old.
I also picked up the rebar cage for the tower from a real Oakland company.  They appreciated my Oaklandish sweatshirt, too.

I got my OLPC XO on the G1G1 program, but haven't had a chance to do anything with it.  I don't actually work with icons well, and have no wireless internet at the house.

And I get to bury a cat next week-  a neighbor's very friendly cat has an open cancer tumor.  The cat seems to be still having a sorta good life, but is very lethargic and clearly dying, so we talked a bit.  One of her problems was what to do after he died, and she chose to have me bury him in my front yard, in the same place as Jumbo.  He'll get to feed my redwood tree, and, if you believe in such things, he'd have the company of another good neighborhood cat.

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