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NYE, glorious? mud

It turns out, we took 32 cubic yards of dirt, etc. out of my crawlspace so I ended up with about 30 feet by 10 feet of 7 foot (mostly) headroom space.  Lots of concrete needs to go in, but that will proceed slowly.

The tower base was 2 cubic yards, and has some interesting characteristics due to the layer of clay beneath the topsoil.   I've bailed  20 gallons or so of water out of the bottom, and it's clay mud at the bottom.  There's been some slumping, and we'd better get some concrete in before the rain starts again on Thursday.

And I buried Handsome Blue Lake, a grey Persian cat  i the front yard this morning, all dressed in black like a gravedigger should be. It was a neighbors cat, and it was time.

I'm still undecided about the NYE party- stay home, ride my motorcycle down to San Jose, or take BART and bus down.  The bike should take about 40 minutes, BART and bus an hour longer (but I'd be much safer and warmer).

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