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wildlife and computers

I've been trapping raccoons and transporting them, since they've really gotten
out of hand. One of them opened up the crock pot that was cooking my hot breakfast
cereal, so I got out the trap.
I've transported two so far, and am pretty sure there are two or three more
to go.
I also saw a 'possum climbing along the top of the fence, avoiding the raccoon
in the trap in the driveway. It climbed the tree to the roof of the house next door,
making at least one bad choice in route on the way up.
I'm feeding the squirrels, and they wait for me every day. The hummingbird feeder seems
to have been abandoned for the winter, although I'll keep an eye on it. I saw a hummingbird
there a few days ago, but mostly just watch the level.

I'm upgrading my computer systems now, too. I got a Panasonic W4, directly from Japan, complete
with a keyboard with a few keys marked only in Japanese. It came up nicely, and I'm putting my
standard suite of software on it.

But I also received a Gateway all-in-one, 19" screen, 250GB disk, etc. It didn't work.
It looks as if the video board (I got the optional one, so I can run a second monitor for even MORE
screen space) isn't talking to the display. So another machine is on the way, after 45 minutes on the 'phone.
The bright side of that is that I was talked though opening the unit up, and reseating the memory card,
so I was also able to explore the inside of the machine without worry about voiding the warranty.

I've switched my Berkeley Rep tickets for the Kushner/Sendak collaboration for a couple of weeks from now, and will go see Si Kahn at the Freight and Salvage Sunday evening. I've also booked to see Al Stewart at the Freight on the 16th, so am beginning to fill my calendar for December.

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