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Slowing down

I've got "tennis elbow" in my left arm, and ibuprofen in large doses only helps a little, so I'll have to be careful what I'm doing with it.
I can ride my bike, and I'll see how motorcycle riding works today, but many things, like hanging the laundry, hurt.

Cirque du Soleil wasn't great. But I want a pair of horizontally striped pajamas.

And I went to a late show at the Dark Room, written and produced by a friend of a friend, which I did like. It's very rough, but it was fun- "Sweetie Tanya: The Demon Barista of Valencia Street", loosely related to "Sweeney Todd...", as you might expect. I'd seen the ACT production of "Sweeney Todd..." recently, so that was an interesting comparison. Wilson, the writer, said that he didn't know that the movie or the ACT production were in the works when he started the process.

A late show means "starts at 10PM" and I couldn't sleep easily after, so Saturday was pretty much a loss, and I caught up on stuff on Sunday.
I'm going for a motorcycle ride today in the warmest part of the day, so that should be fun, and I have a new camera (Canon SD850IS) so I might even get some photos. But I've not set up a mount on the m/c, so it won't be as convenient as I'd like.

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