Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Little Brother

This was not the book to complain about not being able to pass it on as an ebook,
you could easily carry around a USB memory stick with many different formats.

It's a bit didactic, which put me off a little, then I got into it and experienced a great deal of disorientation when having to be back in my real local world, to deal with freecyclers.
So, the book works for me. This was reinforced by having walked a lot in the areas where the book is set; in fact, I have a ticket for a performance this evening at 24th and Mission. And am still enamored of "Wierd Fish" at 18th and Mission. And I have my Fastrak transponder and contactless (arfid) BART card. (I note that Translink still doesn't work, though :-).

I just hope the book does well with the target audience. I've donated one to a high school library, with hope.

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