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Travel plans, arrgh.

After staying at home for a while, and getting used to it, I'm heading off soon, no thanks to First Great Western.
I'll be going to the UK, and FGW's web site really didn't want to sell me a railway ticket from London to Falmouth and return. In fact, I had to get a friend in the UK buy the ticket with her debit card, and then she'll mail it to my London hotel.

I'm antsy about June, since I'll be riding a motorcycle around the Balkans, first down the Adriatic coast from Slovenia, then into Serbia, and then back up and across to southern Germany.
And back to Slovenia to leave the rented motorcycle and fly home on 3 July.

And a week later I'll join the movie replica BOUNTY in Tacoma, go up to Port Alberni, and then offshore to San Francisco on 23 July. I've been out the Gate twice on square-riggers, but never in on a square-rigger. I have come in under the Golden Gate Bridge twice on aircraft carriers, and once in an A1E aircraft.

And on a political humor note- apparently Bush is giving up golf in solidarity with those who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. Nobody could make that up.

And thanks to maryread for the pointer to Bloody Jacky Faber- they're fun.

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