Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

more on travel and computers, also the bike.

I passed the Raleigh 20 on to my friend this morning, and she was tickled pink, if I do say so myself. It only needs a handlebar basket to be the complete shopping bike.

I'll be carrying the OLPC computer, and if customs wants to look at it, maybe they'll be as clueless as I am. I can telnet (actually SSH) and browse, but not much more. I've forgotten a lot about Unix, and much of it is different or not configured, anyway. But the combination of it and me are the most capable portable combination I have in hand. Pretty sad. I see an eee in my future (with Windows XP, duh).

And my schedule has tightened up a bit- I'll be getting to Tacoma on the evening of the 7th, after arriving home on the 3rd of July. But I have the bus from SeaTac to the Tacoma Tallships Festival figured out.

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