Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

near Kraljevo, south of Belgrade

The official motorcycle tour is done, 2656 km, the last 400 in the rain (although we didn't have many rain-free days), and the last 50 on the motorway in the rain- less fun then most things, including visits to the dentist.

I decided to forgo another 500km of rainy motorway to get to Hrane's son's birthday party, so after dinner got on the sleeper train from Ljubljana to Belgrade, still damp, and was horizontal for a while. Many border crossings, and arrival at Belgrade at 0630. Hrane's assistant met me and I had a rest and then some sightseeing and socializing. Unfortunately, the Tesla Museum closed that day for renovations, and will be closed for a couple of months.
The party was good, and I saw a couple of friends from my travels, a surprise to all of us.

We came south to Kraljevo, Hrane's birthplace, his country home, and a contest station with 7 towers, and then he had exams to give in Kosovo, so I tagged along. It's a bit tense here, but life goes on. Albanian Kosovars love Americans, Serbian Kosovars, not so much. No hostility seen, but they kept wanting to explain how they have been wronged. There are separate speed limit signs for tanks (but I only saw lots of armoured cars), and KFOR and the UN were very much in evidence, as was barbed wire and checkpoints. OTOH, an English-language, American-accented, "good morning" is a pretty good pass.

I'm sitting in the sun, with the XO being useful (the screen works really well)- tomorrow we go to Bar, in Montenegro for some sea-side activity. I'll go back up to Slovenia, and then ride to F'stafen in a few days.

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