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In Austria now

I'm in Austria now, 320 km for the day, from Ljubljana. Took a jaunt into Italy so I could ride over Nassfeld Pass.
The border's at the top, and the Italian side is very narrow, with many switchbacks, including one in a tunnel.
The Austrian side is wide as these things go, with pretty fast curves, usually.
I'm just east of Kitzbuhel, and am hoping that the rain tomorrow is only showers, as the staff here suggest.
I've got plenty of time, since I'm roughly half-way to Friedrichstafen by the direct route (and Thursday afternoon is the target), but there are some attractive small roads, too, and I'd like to ride through Liechtenstein on the way.

Hrane's boat wasn't in the water, so we took a jaunt into Albania. I wanted to see the inside of one of the bunkers,
but was told that we might end up in custody of the security services, still.
We got back to Krajelvo in time for the dedication of the new police station, complete with kids in folk costumes doing folk dances, and a feast of local foods.
I think I'm up to 11 countries so far, if you count Kosovo. The Serbians don't want to, but they have separate postage stamps, so.... Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany will add on, with most being done by motorcycle.

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