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now, Switzerland

240 km for the day, even with a late start, and heading towards (but not to) St Moritz, got me to Davos. That meant I've evaded the Austrian motorway charge completely. I did 20 minutes on a motorway just outside Ljubjljana, but that's been it. I'm going to have to head away from F'stafen to get some more saddle time, but Chur, then Liechtenstein for tomorrow will have to do.

It's fun just deciding where to go and even changing the route at the last minute, but I do have some constraints.

I'm just boggled at the Alps. I was high enough today that there was still snow on both sides of the road. The rivers are full-in Innsbruck the river on the right was higher than the ground under the houses on my left.

It rained and thundered last night, then by 7 this morning the sun was out, the roads were dry, and it was perfect riding weather.

And tonight I get some real Swiss fondue.

One of my tasks is to pick up stamps, postage stamps, for Mush's passport. So far, so good, but I missed Slovenia. I'll do that when I get back there on the 2nd.

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