Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Liechtenstein, now

It was just a bit over 100 km by the scenic route to here, so I had lunch, did the two stamps thing, a bit of museum and, partly because it`s hot, came here to the youth hostel to do my laundry. I`m booked in here tonight. F`stafen is just another 100 km or so.

Seen on the road yesterday- an old open two-seater, right hand drive, tooling along at good speed on the straights, a bit slower than me on the bends. I caught up at road-works, and chatted a few moments- it`s a 1928 Bentley.
It wasn`t pristine, but it was running, and well.

Today, entering a small village, at the bus stop- a dozen or more small children, all with hats and false beards to look like stereotypical Swiss elves. The bus was just behind me, so I didn`t get to ask why, but was in a slightly altered state of mind for a few minutes.

I really need a motorcycle icon.

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