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LJ, raccoons and theatre

Arrgh, I commented on a Pearl Harbor post. I couldn't resist, but I won't do it again (until the next time).

I've trapped three more raccoons since I last mentioned them- two in one trap on Saturday night, and one last evening. I think this latest one is the main offender, since it was on the early evening schedule.
I found it in the trap when I got home at 7PM, and it was pretty aggressive. I think there are two more out there, but will let things be for a while and see if they intrude.
OTOH, I've gotten kudos from a couple of neighbors for removing them- apparently they've been wreaking havoc up and down the block.

I'll try to get to "After Dark" at New Conservatory Theatre tonight, and have a comp for "Bent" at Theatre Rhinoceros tomorrow evening. I'm being a little more discriminating, but the temptations are very strong. And I'll go down to Palo Alto to a Messiah concert with best_donya on Friday, so I'm keeping busy.

Maybe too busy, but it's better then sitting at home alone at night, books and TV notwithstanding.

Darn, I was hoping to be chosen for jury duty, but that's all done, with two 'phone calls.

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