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Quick update

It was good to see LOTS of people at Worldcon, but I just wasn't up for the sort of parties at this one. 40 years of W'con isn't too much. I've missed 4 in that time.

I had a good birthday, thank you, including dinner with athenais.

The two weeks on BOUNTY went well, starting in Tacoma, with port calls at Port Angeles, Port Alberni, and Astoria, and much sailing, including 11.6 knots SOG, probably the fastest recorded speed for the boat. After we logged the speed, I went aloft and furled the main royal, then took the helm while we took in everything else (except the main course). It took two of us on the helm to keep her on course, but were still making 9+ knots. We sailed through the Farallones, seeing black and white dolphins, whales, and seals (including them leaping out of the water), as well as lots of birds. And arrived in SF on the 21st.

I came home and did a bit of motorcycle riding for some errands and to catch up with and then grab the photo tag. I also got both generators working and tested, and only have to set up an external tank on the Honda.

Now, I'm getting ready to set up a ham rig on BOUNTY for her trip to Hawaii, go on a motorcycle camping trip to the eastern Sierra (dual-sport, ride there and then ride back roads), and am taking a course for a sailing certification. And there's a good chance of a surprise DXpedition, but the destination's under wraps for now. Maybe I'll get a visit to another radio telescope.

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