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Poll Worker Blues, pt 1

I've been assigned as a clerk at a local precinct, and received a call from the person in charge of that polling location, the Inspector.

She has worked a dozen elections, and doesn't know the difference between a Primary and a General election. She also doesn't know how or when to do a provisional ballot- apparently, she's never been able to do one. And the second in charge, who has responsibility for the scanner and the touchscreen machine, the Judge, is her husband. Are there opportunities for collusion here?
I'll be checking the seals on the machines carefully myself, with camera in hand.

BTW, allowed photography in the polling place in Alameda county is very limited- no voter can be photographed, nor can any ballot, vote-by-mail envelope or provisional ballot envelope. Nor can an observer or voter take photographs.

And if you're in Alameda County, apparently the best way to invalidate your vote yourself is to mail it in- many vote-by-mail ballots are received in the mail without the necessary validating signature. Very few of those VBM ballots that are turned in at polling stations are missing the required signature, and very few provisional ballots are found to be invalid.

PS the answer is 15.

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