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A necessity, and relevancy

One of the books, The Big Necessity-The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It matters, I had on reserve at the library came in, so I brought it along.
And I'm now reading the chapter titled "A Public Necessity", which has become most relevant.

The holding tanks on the boat are now full, and we're not allowed to use the toilets in the LA Maritime Museum, 50 feet from the gangplank (ask them); so I have to find the one key we have to the gates, go through two locked gates and walk a couple of hundred yards to the LA Marine Institute to use the toilet. For someone with the bladder and colon control issues I have (not unusual for a person of my age) this is a problem, especially if I want to stay as hydrated as I should.
When we get out beyond three miles, we can dump the holding tanks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an early departure.
I may go buy a big bottle of juice and decant the juice into a pitcher.

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