Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Not yet- maybe today

We've not departed yet, since fixing the coolant leak is being more difficult than expected.
We got four more crew from SF, who were supposed to meet us in Santa Barbara, but they just kept driving and arrived in the small hours this morning.

We'll pass up Oxnard and Santa Barbara, and go all the way to Monterey in one passage. We've got a number of people to pick up there, for publicity purposes, so that's pretty much a necessity, but the boat has to be at Hyde Street by the 1st.

We were donated a couple of sets of signal flags, so I got to "dress ship" yesterday.
I spelled out "Bill Of Rights" and "Seaborn" (the name of the donor), and hope I didn't introduce any inadvertent puns or low humor into the rest of the fly.

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