Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Outside my window

A bit earlier, a "crocodile" of preschoolers was walking down the street, but one little girl went on a sitdown strike opposite. The teacher at the tail was conflicted about how to get her to go along for a few minutes, until one of her small friends went back and talked her into following along. It was very cute, from a distance.

And the elderly man from across the street has just put something in my mailbox (I've not been down to look). I gave them a cartload of firewood yesterday. I'm converting my fireplace to gas, because of the small particulate pollution.

Last winter, I took down a large dead limb from the tree across the way, and cut it into firewood lengths for them, and ended up with a big box of cookies. If it's more cookies, I'll seal them up and take them to the neighborhood holiday potluck next week.

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