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A week later, and blue

So it's been a while. Two more raccoons gone, and the trap set for another. I caught one last night, a very aggressive and active one, and discovered in the morning that the garbage can had been ransacked. I don't know if the one I caught last night did the damage, or if there's another. The trap is going to need some repair soon, since last night's animal did some damage to it.

I've seen two plays with Nazis- Cabaret and Bent, and one with a concentration camp connection -Brundibar. I've also seen After Dark, and Not Even a Mouse, both comedies with more than a bit of darkness involved.

And a performance of Loft by Project Bandloop, a vertical dance troupe. They perform on ropes on the sides of the building, and just suspended from the overhead, as well as on a climbing wall, and, just for a change, on a horizontal floor! The outstanding piece in my mind was Tango Waltz, with one partner suspended about 10 feet off the ground in a climbing harness. It compared well with the Vertical Tango that was part of the Pickles Birdhouse last year. That was done with both partners moving up and down a vertical pole.

I've done just enough climbing and trapeze work to really appreciate that part of what they did, and the art is beautiful, too. Bandaloop is moving to their own space in Oakland, so I expect to see more of their work, but am disappointed to find that Terry Sendgraft has just recently retired. Her Motivity work was inspiring, and I'm glad to have done some work with her.

I'll be seeing the Pickles show for this season, High Water Radio, on Wednesday. The reviews don't rate it as high as Birdhouse, last year's show, but it'll be fun, and I'm going with a friend.

FB has successfully pointed me at Battlestar Galactica, so I've got that to watch on TV.

And I saw Shopgirl this afternoon. I liked Claire Danes in My So-called Life, and it looked like it might be a good theme. Well, it was and it wasn't- the rich older guy loses. I identified a bit too much with him to be happy about that. And I still like Claire Danes.

And I'm listening to David Copperfield and The Inn At the End of the World from Radio 4. The initial episode of IAtEotW has got me much intrigued. So far, it sounds like what I might do for Christmas, if I had that much initiative.

I probably ought to learn the right HTML for titles and such, but my brain is fuzzy right now. I came home from the movie; had some healthy soup, handfuls of sprouts* and broccoli- and then half a package of peanut butter cookies.

*I think I'll continue to steam Brussels sprouts, since I can't tell the difference in the taste, and that cooking method is slightly more energy-efficient, I think.

So, happy holidays

Isn't it fun living in a country where the president doesn't seem to know the difference between NSA and NASA?

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