Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

January books

1 McLean- When Eight Bells Toll -found
2 McDevitt- Cauldron- Nebula nominee
3 Raphael Carter- The Fortunate Fall -?
4 Parrot- Tall Ships Down- MarHst mention
5 McLean- South By Java Head -found
6 Richman & Sheth- What's Your Poo Telling You- Unshelved
7 Turtledove- The Man With The Iron Heart- library browse
8 Doctorow- Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town -free ebook
9 Chabon- The Final Solution - ?
10 London- Tales Of The Fish Patrol- ebook, Bay area geography
11 Ross & Richards- Behind bars:Surviving Prison - blog mention
12 Mara Kay- One Small Clue - blog mention

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