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Short ride on a slow machine

Part of my Potlatch preparations were the title- it's not that slow, but....
On the way, I'm going to Fry's, Halted, and Weird Stuff, then to the hotel.
And I may get wet coming home, but I've ridden in the rain before, and the roads are washed as well as they can get.
I'm cleaning up the kitchen so the cat-sitter won't be totally revolted. Between shedding cats and shedding rugs, my dust bunnies rival the one the cops near Canterbury found.

For the past few weeks the goal has been to get something out of the attic, out of the basement, out of my shack, and out of the lumber room, every day. But my most productive hours on that are the early evening, so live music and theatre has suffered.

It'll be good to see people at Potlatch, and I know I'll miss some people who won't be there.

And the news from the Obama administration is just got me grinning. It's not perfect, but it's not stupid.

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