Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

You never know about your neighbors

I walked out of the house this afternoon to go to the hardware store, since they have a bit of a sale on, and saw people struggling with moving in furniture next door. Since I had my work gloves on, I pitched in.

It turns out some of the people who arrived to help a little later are at Pacific Maritime, and I mentioned that I was sorry I'd not taken up a second maritime career 15 years ago. And when my antennas were pointed out by my long time neighbor, the landlady, a couple of them mentioned that they were taking radio operator courses, so the conversation immediately turned to GMDSS and Element 7 of the FCC Commercial License array. Most people have never heard of GMDSS, but I just finished taking the Operator and Maintainer license exams, so was able to lend them study software. They were a little surprised.

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