Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

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Plans change

Foo, I won't be going to the UK and help sail NANCY BLACKETT across the North Sea on a "we did mean to go to sea" trip in July, since it's been canceled. Please note, brisingamen and peake.

But I will be spending a whole week in Montreal around Worldcon, staying in a hostel before and after, and it looks as if, with information from papersky, I've got all that transportation sorted.

I'm still feeling the effects of jet lag after a week in the UK, and I think that indicates motorcycle camping in the Sierras instead of another trip to the UK. The cats will approve. They've been very needy since I got back, and means I really don't need a long term house-sitter until late September or October (assuming BOUNTY is still sailing west then).

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