Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

#2 soon to leave Galway

I've been in Galway for a few days now. There's a lot of seafood, a lot of Guiness, and aside from the pedestrian zone, is pedestrian unfriendly. I managed to miss some of the tourist stuff, including the city museum ( it closed suddenly).

I saw a good play, "The Walworth Farce" by the local theatre company, Druid, who are taking it on an international tour, including Zellerbach in Berkeley. It's a little hard to figure, actually, but it turned into a topic of general conversation at the restaurant last night, since the people at the table next to me were talking about it, I joined in, then the waitress joined in and the people at the table beyond were the family of one of the actors.

I was napping yesterday, got up, went on deck by the after ladder into the middle of a brass band, since the Oyster Festival opening ceremonies were taking place on deck. It was worth it to go to the other ladder, since there I got to eat a lot of oysters opened by several national champion oyster shuckers.

We're departing tomorrow noon, and I'm about ready. There'll be about 24 of us on board, and it does look as if we'll see land before Florida, given the current weather report. But which islands, ???

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