Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
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Fwd: underway, off the Irish coast, headed SSW

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Subject: underway, off the Irish coast, headed SSW
From: kd4ohz
Date: 2009/09/29 18:49:18

We're at about 52 degrees 09 minutes north, 10 degrees 28 minutes W, headed S by SW (you thought that was a music and arts festival, didn't you) under power. We were motorsailing for a while and were hoping for enough wind to head south, but no go.
At this time, we're headed for the Azores, but if we can sail south, we will..

On the way out of Galway Bay, we passed Inishmore, which of course brought to mind another bloody Irish play, and were watching the Loop Head light for a while, then passed Tralee Bay and Dingle Bay.

It's cold and grey (it's Ireland, right), and I'm not getting my time shifted easily, since there's been no sun.
I'm not sleeping much, since this boat creaks a LOT, especially under power, and I'm just not used to it.
But I'm getting there.

I'll not see any comments to these messages until we get somewhere with real internet access, not just low-bandwidth email.
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