Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

still at sea

It's 23:30 on 1 October as I type this, doing an "idle" trick. We're at N48-10.5 W015-28.9, but it's a secret. We've turned off the GPS chart-plotter, and are navigating by dead reckoning, assuming that we're actually going the nominal course, SW, and getting our speed through the water by tossing banana peels (traditionally a Dutchman) into the water at the bows and timing when we pass it at the stern.
I suspect our DR position is rather different, but it'd be cheating to compare them at this time. We're hoping for some star sights tomorrow. We vare still headed to the Azores, but we got to sail a few hours today and even turned the generator off.

All the mates have been down with some sort of stomach ailment, so the queue at the heads has been interesting at time- we actually hove-to last night from 0400-0800 since the mates were all ill, and the captain had stood three watches in a row.
There was a reseach vessel, CAPTAIN COOK, with a three mile cable out nearby, too.

I just finished a trick at bow lookout, was working navigation the hour before that and had the helm for the first hour of the watch.
The galley is clean, so idle is just that, standing by (with computer, in my case).
I'm beginning to really settle in, so am sleeping better now.

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