Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

at sea 2 october on BOUNTY

It's 2310 UK summer time and we've been sailing most of the day, on a beam reach, still heading SW, to the Azores.
We're making about 6.5 knots with topgallants set, and easy steering. It's comfortably cool on deck and the clouds are light enough so we're gettin a lot of the full moon, and we know where we are!! Much activity with sextants, star charts, and nav tables, has given us a postion that they're comfortable with. I'd go look it up, but my knee is bugging me, and it's just not worth climbing to the nav station from tweendecks.
We saw pilot whales during the day, and the sun, too, for the first time.
That's it- I'll see if I can send this out, then brush my teeth and wait for A watch to take the deck.

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