Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

sailing onward, 3 October

It's Saturday, 3 October, 16:30 as I write this.

I was keeping up with The Archers on long-wave, but yesterday evening
they were carrying cricket, and the afternoon for the catchup, the generator was off, so I
couldn't use the ships radio. My little radio won't copy it at this distance with it's built-in antenna, so I'll get the synopses when I read my thousands of emails in about a week.

My knee has been a bit tricky for a day or so, so I'm avoiding boat-check which requires lots of up and down ladders. I may end up trading boat check and helm with Cassie since she hates horsing the wheel around. The steering gear is authentic 18th century, with ropes, blocks, and a drum on the wheel, and takes work to move.

We had rain last night, the the wind died and fog set in, so we're still headed SW, now under power. We're at 45-26N 018-55W by DR at 5 kts, currently. It turns out, fog under sail is worse than fog under power, since the foghorn blasts three times in the latter case versus one in the former.

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