Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

to Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores, 7 Oct 17:00 GMT

Apparently the Sea Scouts prevailed, so we're motor-sailing SW to the islands.
Here's Melville's mention: "No small number
of these whaling seamen belong to the Azores, where the outward
bound Nantucket whalers frequently touch to augment their crews
from the hardy peasants of those rocky shores."

We're currently at 40-13'N 024-25'W under sunny skies, with some clouds.
We're hitting occasional squalls, but had been mostly sailing slowly with royals set.

This boat creaks a lot, since the partions in the tweendeck to make the cabins were made by a house carpenter who didn't understand that wooden boats flex- so many junctions creak and pop, a LOT, and LOUDLY.

I changed cabins, since mine was over one of the generators in the engine room, and it was much too warm as the weather has gotten warmer. It's somewhat less convenient, and a hassle to move, but much more comfortable. I also got a fan in the "stuff left adrift" auction, and have instelled it nicely, so I'll continue to sleep comfortably as things get even wanmer. The Azores are about the same latitude as Oakland, but of course, we're headed to Florida. It looks as if we maybe end up in West Palm Beach, instead of St. Pete, though, since there's a museum that wants the boat for an exhibition. It'll be quicker to get there, and I think Southwest flies direct from Fort Lauderdale to Oakland- I did that flight a couple of years ago.

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