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The world is strange

So, I just heard a report that the bones of Alistair Cooke were stolen and sold. That's wierd enough for me, this morning.

It's warm enough here so I went for my morning mocha in a Tshirt, but pretty damp. I's not raining, so I'll go help a fellow ham with his rooftop antenna installation today. I've been "freecycling" successfully. I posted one item and it's gone, and responded to two more wants- the second for Altoids tins, of which I had a glut. I started getting Altoids after seeing people using them as cases for small transceivers, but discovered cinnamon, licorice and ginger flavors, so had dozens of them.

I saw the Pickles new show last night, High Water Radio. I was bit disappointed, unfortunately.  There was very little aerial work, just one aerial silk act, and that didn't really work for me.  It was OK in the context of the "story", but didn't show the beauty that there can be in that medium.  And the whole show was too dependent on making fun of a large woman who was a singer, dancer, actor "wannabe", in a way that I found unkind.

But the company, and dinner before hand was very good.  We went to Millennium,  a very nice vegeterian restaurant in SF, fairly close to Union Square.  I'll definitely head back there.

Hm, this time, the Richtext editor seems to be working for me.  That makes things much easier.


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