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Getting ready to leave

We are departing tomorrow, and will probably spend a month getting to Puerto Rico. We're all laying in supplies- I've got bread in the freezer and cans of baked beans under my bunk for late night meals on the 12-4 watch. I'm hoping to find some good cheese and chocolate today, since it's too wet to hire scooters and ride around.
I had another meal at the "Fish Market" restaurant (Portuguese translation later), and it was much more fulfilling- limpets and soft cheese for starters, and grilled rockfish for main.
And we went to some of the volcanic tourist spots here, as well as a tea factory. The tea factory was almost a steampunk dream, with much 19th century machinery, although the main power sources were some early 20th century electric motors, driving jack shafts. Much work is till done by hand, though.

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