Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Sunday, at 32 N 028 W, 5.5 kts SSW

It's a lazy Sunday- we're under sail again, from this morning's
midwatch- C watch's last for a couple of weeks. We dog the watches
again this afternoon, so we stand 12 to 4 and then 8 to 12, and that's
my watch's schedule for a week.

I mentioned readings of the Bible or the Articles of War for Sunday,
so we ended up with readings by Rebecca, one of the mates, from
Bowditch, a bible all of us aboard recognize. And the captain is using
the slight cloud layer to continue making a photo-journal of the
crew's tattoos. He was a semi-professional photographer for a bit in
his youth, and is creating an exhibition for the (probable) Palm Beach
stay. I get credit for suggesting the idea, but my page will say
"this page intentionally left blank".

We had swim call again yesterday (it's easy when there's no wind), and
I swam under the boat, with a 50 foot beam and 12 foot draft. I ended
up with a head-full of seawater, but it's mostly cleared up now.

Knives- several people are making knives from old files- I'm glad it's
not my grindstones they're using.

I'm doing a lot of tricks at the helm, since I'm still avoiding
boat-check if I can, which means I start at the wheel for an hour, and
then often trade for the last trick of the watch, too. We have 4
deckhands for five days and 5 for two (one of our deckies is the
relief cook), and the sequence is an hour at each of helm, nav (speed
measurement and position plotting), lookout, idle (which includes
checking the galley and heads for mess and minor cleaning if
necessary), and boat check. "idle" is skipped if there are only 4
deckies in the watch.

When we left Galway, I was wearing foulies over fleece over fleece for
the 20 to 24 watch, but last night I was in T-shirt and jeans for most
of three tricks on deck from 00 to 04.

"Cargoes"- formerly, you spotted a passing ship and maybe recognized
and/or spoke her, and from that you might get information about what
she was carrying and from where to where. And you plotted her bearings
to get course, speed and passing distance/ Now, you just look on the
AIS screen and it tells you all that and more- when she departed, her
ETA at her destination, and even her cargo. Ah well, it's safer this way.
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