Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Fwd: Monday, "Man Overboard"-this is a drill

20:00 UTC Monday 19 October

So the 8-12 watch seems to be a loser- I can't get a good nap in.
Maybe it'll get better.

On Sunday, one person stood watch in pajamas and another had his
bathrobe on. Since watchstanders wear climbing harness, it was a
little strange looking.

And today, we tossed a deckie overboard to see if he'd float
(actually, he jumped, with a little prodding). We already had the
small boat in the water, but the drill was to see how far we could
keep him in sight, or spot him- as in a real MOB situation. The
bottom line- don't fall overboard. We'll revise some procedures, and
have already put a smoke device at the helm to be tossed overboard,
along with the life ring with strobe and the bin full of survival
equipment. All those things are based on real-time knowledge of a
MOB- an unremarked MOB is most likely to be a lost person.

We're running downwind, so the boat is a pain to steer and rolls a
lot, but we're making distance at 5 knots- we're just about at 30N
030W headed SW. We can't just head west since we'd lose the wind soon.

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