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Christmas eve eve

The raccoon trap has been set and baited for three nights, with no takers, so I'm pretty sure I've moved the local population, 11 in all.

The antenna work was as sucessful as possible, given that it started raining hard as soon as I left the house. We did a lot of assembly work under cover, and I did a bit of climbing in the rain to verify some details. And I met EM's wife, who promptly invited me for Christmas Eve dinner. I'll go over a bit early, since his work will all be done, and we can finish the inside assembly.

I'm amazed at all the reading people are doing. I seem to be almost unable to read right now. I'm listening to the radio a lot when at home, and of course, going out to performances. I'm not sure what I'll do tonight, but during the day I'll do some more decluttering and freecycling (I hope).

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