Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Making up sails in the tropics

Wednesday, 28 October, 19-29'N 039-21'W (celestial fix, by sun sights), 5 knots
We made 90 NM in the noon to noon 24 hours, so PR is looking pretty unlikely, just due to time constraints. We're definitely ending up in West Palm Beach by Thanksgiving, though.
It's hot, when there are no squalls.

My apologies about contacting me- only people who are white-listed can send me mail at that address, and I think that means just brisingamen and Dan King (WNOLJ, but is on FB) can send me mail there. If Winlink policies are as I recall, I can only white-list you by sending email to your address.

We're setting extra sails using old sails in different ways. We have an old foresail bent on the crojack yard to be what should be called a mizzen course, even though the mizzen sail is a gaff-rigged fore-and-aft sail. But it's called a jacksail. We added "bonnets" to the foresail and mainsail (fore and main courses) by bending old sails to the bottom edge. They drag on the deck, but add some extra area (and provide a lot of shade). We've also made a studding sail (or st'u'n's'l, by pronunciation) to weather edge of the fore topsail. The boom and club for that are saplings, complete with bark and the marks of trimming branches) cut in Maine for a hack attempot to sail one of our small boats.

Time to get ready for watch.

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