Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Sunday, almost 4 weeks from the Azores

We're a few hundred miles from San Juan, Puerto Rico, our definite destination. We're trying to set up a flying visit to the radiotelescope at Arecibo.

The last week has been mostly sleep, eat, stand watch- repeat.
We switch to the 8-12 watch tonight, which means I get to stand 3 watches in 24 hours.

The boat rolls!!! My legs are tired just from walking around.
She's noisy- I'm using earplugs to sleep, but no place, even aloft on the main crosstrees, is quiet.
And 'tweendecks, where my cabin is, is a cacophony of creaking. No wonder the captain is hard-of-hearing. We run a noisy generator all the time- daytimes the driving force is an all-electric kitchen, nighttime it's nav gear and lights.
We still have water restrictions in place, so I get a shower every other day and am doing hand-laundry (the washer hates rolling anyway). But we have to regularly switch off the watermaker in these tropical waters to keep from flooding the bilges with fresh!!
There's ONE sink for everyone (except dishes) and two really baddly designed toilets. The toilets are set on platforms with minimal clearance in front of the doors so you have to dance around the door to get it open or shut, so most of the males aboard don't bother with the doors. Me, I tend to pee in a bottle in my cabin and flush away the contents when it gets full. That saves walking through the rolling, dark, 'tweendeck open area at night, too.
The cabins need a few more amenities, too. There's a small chest of drawers, and a bunk, so anything you want to hand is in the bed with you as you roll around. And there's LOTS of space for shelves.
If I'd realized we had so much scrap wood on board, I'd have built a shelf, but it was only a few days ago the lumber was organized that I found that out. I did put up a bunch of hooks and screws for hanging things.
There's hope- the cabins should be improved this winter, so when she goes to the Great Lakes next summer, accomodations should be better.

Two people are leaving the boat in PR, so we'll be reorganizing the watch bill, and will be slightly short-handed. Me, I'm going to collect some more sea-time to West Palm Beach.

Next time, man overboard drills and short-tacking a full-rigged ship.

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