Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

"All men shall be sailors, until the sea shall free them"

I certainly haven't been freed. We're just 15 miles north of the
Dominican Republic, heading NNW at about 6 knots under power.
The winds are forecast to be in our bow for the rest of our trip,
so all sails are furled and the yards are all braced sharp.
We'll be in Florida on Friday, apparently. And I'll be home for
Thanksgiving. Any one want to give turkey to a sailor?

We just did swim call, again, and I've now done my other goals-
I jumped from the tip of the jibboom (very nearly as high as the
tops), and I've dived from the channel at the base of the main

We did a number of man-over-board drills, and the last included
trying to get the big boat close enough, under sail, so we could
pick up someone in seas too bad to launch the small boat, and
with engine failure. Each attempt meant tacking a 170-foot
squarerigger three times in 12 minutes. I was at the helm for
all three times we tried it, and it was a VERY busy time. And we
were pretty successful. A concious and active swimmer could have
reached us the first two times, and the third time we were 4 feet
to windward of our target.

San Juan was great. A couple of us made the trip to the radio
telescope at Arecibo, with our local "friend of BOUNTY", who is
in a group that re-enacts the 1797 battle when 1000 Spanish
repelled a large British invasion force. That meant we were
fired upon as we arrived- unfortunately, we were not in a
position to fire back with our four cannon. The food was good,
and many chores were done. We left Thursday evening, since no
sailor leaves port on a Friday, and especially a Friday the 13th.
BTW, we also keep the pots in the galley hung top forward, to
catch more luck, and whistling is frowned upon.

And I've found what I want for a tattoo- a compass rose, on my
inner forearm. I need to research the customs and traditions to
see if there there are any considerations, and choose an exact
design, but after MANY hour's at the helm looking at the compass,
it'll be a good memento of this trip. It was actually inspired
by the one on the arm of our server at the Cafe Puerto Rico.
She's not been to sea, and unfortunately, we're headed in the
wrong direction to tempt her- she wants to go to Europe, not

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