Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

BOUNTY 1300 EST Tuesday- ETA West Palm Beach, 0600 EST Friday

We're north of Cuba, south of the Bahama Banks, in the Old Bahama Channel (there is no New Bahama Channel), motoring mostly, somtimes the staysails are drawing too, at 5-6 knots.
The sea is smooth, the temperature moderate and rain squalls are few and far between.

We saw a Coast Guard cutter patrolling yesterday, who reminded our 4th mate (he of the Bligh tendencies) of the rules of the road. He'd been set up, though, by another boat who had responded to his radio call inappropriately. And one of our Diesels started spewing fuel this morning from a bad injector, but that's been fixed. However, that engine's starting battery is shot, so we have to use a pair of standard jumper cables to start it.

The crew spaces are being painted, so some are sleeping on 'tweendecks, and there are piles of their possesions everywhere.

Earlier I mentioned that we were going to 1/2 hour rotations between watch stations, which gave me the regular opportunity to take my trick at the helm right after I stood Cassie's trick at the wheel (and she'd do my boat check trick). That means that I am regularly "relieving myself on the helm".
-pause for laughter- OK, we've all been on the boat too long.

This is probably my last post from the boat, unless something special happens.

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