Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

BOUNTY-At anchor, off West Palm Beach, Friday

Due to issues arising from our shore establishment, we have to hang on the hook about a mile from our destination for about 36 hours. We could have stayed in San Juan for the extra day and a half, if we'd known, but until yesterday afternoon, we though we were entering this morning. There's much anger aboard here, directed at that shore establishment.

I'll be arriving home at OAK about 6 PM PST on Sunday, having changed my flight last night.

As we were about 30 miles off of Miami yesterday, an owl landed on our deck. After a pause, it flew up to the end of the crojack, and hung on there for a bit until the wind and or forward speed apparently blew it off. It was trying hard to get back aboard, so the captain cut back the engines and the owl managed to hook on in the mizzen top. It was there at sundown last night, and we anchored out here just a short distance off West Palm Beach about midnight, so I hope it's made its way ashore by now.

We had a swimmer come out from the beach, and we invited him on board for a look around, and then a lift back to shore, so he wouldn't be late for his lifeguard job.
And then we had a visit from the Coast Guard with Border agents aboard, who looked though the entire ship, but have left without incident.

Miami was beautiful at night, with a big crescent moon hanging low over it- a perfect "Moon Over Miami" cover.

But we're all just hanging out here, killing time, after a bit of a push to get here, and our shore establishment would be a lot safer if they don't arrive until much of the crew has left.

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