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"Captain Blood"

The 1935 Errol Flynn "Captain Blood" is showing at the Oakland Paramount tonight, so I'll go by a local church fish fry and then downtown.

I was reading "The Chronicles Of Captain Blood" while sailing around the Caribbean on RARA AVIS and was amused by reading of an incident in Basse-Terre while actually anchored off Basse-Terre.
I've found "The Fortunes Of Captain Blood" on the Australian Project Gutenberg site, so I'll be reading that, although the formatting is awful (I'm paying much more attention to that now, thanks to my friend the typographer). Usually the Gutenberg books format OK, but this one....

I got an oil-pressure light on the motorcycle when almost home the other night, and research indicates it's probably the pressure sensor itself. Replacing it is a reasonable diagnostic technique, apparently, so I have more wrenching to do after I pick up the part in SF.
Feh. It's not easy to get to.

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