Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Sunday annoyances-

The part I got for the motorcycle is the wrong one- apparently they changed details, so I have to go to the shop with the old one and the new one. I was warned this might be the case on, OTOH, some information there was out-of-date, so.... In addition, my glasses fell apart after I had a number of bits loose on the bike (all necessary to get to the probable bad part), so I had to fix that first.
And I can't find a 21mm box-end wrench (ring spanner, for those in the UK). And is broken right now, so I can't even dig around there right now.
One of the possible fixes means getting an Aprilia part, and my nearest motorcycle shop sells them (as well as some very neat scooters (I saw an MP3 in the carpool lane of I-80/580 last week)), but I still need to go to the BMW shop in SF again, if only to return the useless part.
Neither of these shops is open on Sunday or Monday.

And the forecast for the next 4 days is cooler and rain- if that's the case, I'll either not do anything or work in the cold and wet.
sigh- I'm going to go read a book and then do paperwork- you can tell I'm desperate.

Oh, does anyone reading this need one of these, cheap?
I've just found I have two, and I barely need one.

Edit- addition to plans- I'm going to lay in the sun to relieve my aching back.

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