Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Traveling again soon, NYC and BOUNTY, here I come.

I was down in Visalia this weekend for the International DX Convention, and had a pretty good time. Made a few connections that may mean some interesting trips in the future, but nothing firm. The most useful thing was to let the non-attending amateurs know about the new Elecraft product that they showed- a friend is the project manager, so I got a lot of good information, and immediately posted it to the appropriate mailing list. Kinda fun.

But I also found out that BOUNTY is going to be in Yonkers in two weeks (she'll be in Newburgh next weekend), so I checked with the captain, and booked a flight and a hotel in NYC for a couple of days. The Jane Hotel and the High Line have been on my list for a bit, so I'm taking the opportunity. It's appropriate that I stay there, given its history and my destination, isn't it?
I'll stay on the boat up the New England coast and then down the St. Lawrence to the lakes, at least a month. Then I'll decide whether to go to Hamble (UK) or not.

I had a very nice ride home, taking CA 198 west past NAS Lemoore and Coalinga into the hills, by Parkfield, to CA 25 and up to the slab at Gilroy. It was brown to the east, getting green to the west, and I recalled another reason that I love it here. I have to go back down there, to New Idria and Clear Creek- road riding through there is just now legal again. I thought about it on the way home, but went around because I wasn't quite sure how open it is, but it appears it'd have been fine.

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