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Pigs is not pigs, in this case.

I'm officially not a guinea pig any more. For the past 18 months I've been in a double-blind study of the effects of largish doses of saw palmetto on bladder/prostate function. We started with 320mg, and then tried 640 and 960. My observation is that I was on a placebo or it doesn't work for me. I'm on the leading edge of the study, so it'll be 6 months before they tell me which (in a sealed envelope, so I don't have to know, if I don't want to). Probably a year after that, the paper will be written, submitted, juried, accepted and published. And I'll then know the results of the study. Apparently I'm entitled to all sorts of information at that time and onward, including any papers that reference the data, the study or the primary paper.

It's gotten me a LOT of medical tests, and apparently I'm as healthy as anyone my age can be.
That's a good thing! According to the doctor running my bit of the test, he'd cheerfully sign permission for me to winter over in Antarctica (my criteria for excellent health, I have no plans).

So, Wednesday at 6AM (3:30 AM wakeup), I get on the first plane of a series that'll get me to NYC in the early evening, to stay there for a couple of days, seeing some NYC friends, and a couple of the sailors who had to jump ship (walked the plank!). Then to Yonkers to join BOUNTY and see Edwin Armstrong's tower. It's apparently on the NJ bluffs, just across the river from where BOUNTY will be, which means that it's more or less a mile by small boat and foot, or 17 miles in a car. I think the small boat can be arranged.

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