Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

My Australian telephone number is 04 5874 9728

I think it's +61 4 5874 9728 internationally.

I'm currently in Sydney at the domestic terminal, but won't get this
out until I get to the hostel in Cairns, probably 5 hours from now.

The flight was quite comfortable, with an window seat next to an empty
center, enough leg room and seat width so I slept a lot.
Flying in my riding gear was comfortable and uneventful. The
immigration and customs lines were a bit long, but moved reasonably
quickly and transferring international to domestic at SYD is a bit of
a hassle, requiring a bus ride, but it's done.

A Telstra SIM card was 30 AUD with that amount of credit and it's
good for 30 days, so that's sorted.

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