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My soap opera life- the unknown brother.

For my friends who are not on FB:
I have discovered, since Thursday, that I apparently have a somewhat older half-brother.
My mother had a relationship with a soldier at Fort Jackson, apparently highly appropriate; he went off to war; she found she was pregnant; and sent him a letter, which was returned "MIA".
She, with the assistance of her mother, went to Chicago, had the baby, and put him up for adoption. His adoptive mother had a copy of the original birth certificate, which he was shown, and he recalled his mother's name. My brother's wife has good google-fu and traced that name to me (not difficult, actually) when he got interested in his birth family. And so I got an inquiry email on Thursday night, while traveling to friends three-day wedding celebration (with no telephone or internet). A bit of cynicism on my part led me to get some documentation from him, and check a few things, but I have no doubt about anything but the fine details, those things that make it such a soap opera romantic tragedy. He may be able to locate information about his birth father, also, and I'm really curious about that, since those are the fine details.

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