Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

here on Niue

I'm mostly in read-only mode, since while Niue has wifi all over, rain affects it and it's being very damp here. There's also some other issues.

Niue is an interesting island, a volcanic upthrust, with a lot of similarities to Pitcairn, but much lower and more accessible. A very few small beaches, but lots of reef swimming and caves.

What I forgot (or much less likely, TSA lost) was my vitamins. And I didn't realize that until I got here and unpacked completely. And I won't get to replenish in Auckland until the middle of December, since we arrive late and leave again early the next day (my itinerary is wrong).

It's a beautiful, if boring, island. There are about 8 restaurants, with very limited menus, and almost no fresh food available. Good bread, but lots of canned stuff otherwise.

This may make it out- so I'll try now.

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